Raising a Child to be a Good Reader

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” – Richard Steele

The quote above perfectly illustrates why reading is important, especially for children. It is an exercise for the mind, which makes it an essential skill that children should be taught. Nonetheless, for parents, teaching kids to read is not an easy feat. It is very challenging, especially because many kids would rather play with their toys than have a book in their hands. Even if kids would resist, parents should insist that they integrate reading into their daily habits because of the many benefits that it can deliver, including the following:

  • Build Vocabulary
  • Improve Comprehension and Logical Thinking
  • Mastery of Language
  • Develop Academic Excellence
  • Enhance Discipline and Concentration

Start Young

One of the things that you should do is to start them young. You do not necessarily have to force them to learn how to read at a young age. Rather, you can read them stories. This will make them appreciate reading more and as they grow, they will be able to cultivate a reading habit. In order to make them interested in hearing your stories, provide them with a space that is conducive for listening. A baby playard, for instance, will be a comfortable place for them to listen to your stories.

Be Involved

parents and their children reading the bible

parents and their children reading the bible

As parents, you should serve as role models to your child. It is not enough that you impose a reading time at home. It is critical that both of the parents will be involved. Have a specific space in the house where you will gather at least once a

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10 Must-Read Books for Young Adults

Are you looking for the best books for young adults? In a nutshell, the following are some of the things that should be considered when choosing a young adult book:

  • Theme of the book should be about coming of age, such as relationships and sexuality
  • The book should be below 300 pages
  • The main characters should be young adults as well
  • It should be written in an entertaining and non-technical format
  • Story should not be like a fairy tale

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?


Margaret, the main character in the book, was born from a Jewish dad and Christian mom. She was asked to choose a religion, and her confusion has been a recurring theme in the rest of the book. It also tackles her struggles in her years of puberty, such as with buying a bra. Judy Bloom, known for her young adult literature, does not fail to impress in this book.



HatchetWritten by Gary Paulsen, the book tells the adventure of Brian Robeson, a 13-year old who was involved in a plane crash while he was on his way to visit his father. He was the only survivor from the crash and he was left with only one thing, a hatchet, which was a gift from his mother. His emotional struggle is a theme that will captivate many young adults.


Looking for Alaska

looking-for-alaskaThis is John Green’s first novel that is targeted for young adults and also one of the newest titles presented in this list. The author’s interpretations of a teen’s life, such as when it comes to love, intimacy,

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When You Should Begin Teaching Your Child To Read?

Reading is one of the essential skills every child must learn when growing up. There is no need to start formal schooling just for children to get started in reading. Some parents may not feel the pressure to act responsible enough to be the first teachers of their child, but in reality, it is part of being a parent. Your long list of responsibilities will include teaching your child to read. For most parents, the question, however, is when exactly do they start? Starting too early can be frustrating as a child may not yet have the mental ability to catch up. Starting too late, on the other hand, can be worse as your child may be lagged behind.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Young?

Definitely!  Regardless of how excited you are as a parent for your baby to finally be able to read, this is one thing that you cannot be and should not be pushy about. According to most researchers, those who are in their infancy and toddlerhood should not be taught how to read and it does not make sense to teach them because their mental ability won’t just allow them to read. They should never be forced to read at an age that is too young. They will not cooperate and more often than not, as parents, you will possibly just end up in frustration. While the parents have the right to make their babies do what they believe is best, if research is going to be the basis, you should just let babies be babies. Give them time to enjoy being young and being playful and when the right time comes, get them started on reading.

The Different Stages of Teaching Kids to Read

Pre reading Skills

At the age of 4 to 5, you can already teach your kids pre-reading skills. Take note, however, that this is not yet teaching them how to actually read. Rather, it is just in preparation for the actual reading, which they should learn later on. Things such as syllable clapping and rhyming should be alright at this stage. If they have strong phonological skills before they even get started with schooling, there is a higher likelihood that they will be good readers. The following are some of the pre-reading skills that you should teach your child:

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How to Increase Children’s Reading Habit

As children grow, they need to acquire new skills, which will make them more prepared for the future. Among others, one that is essential would be reading. When it is the right time to get them started, parents should be responsible enough to take the necessary steps to teach reading to their kids. The problem, however, is that most kids will not be interested. More often than not, they would rather be playing than learning how to read. With this being said, keep on reading and you will know some of the things that can be done to increase the reading habit of children.

Be Involved

DadSonReadingThis is one of the most important things that parents should be doing. They should read with their children to provide them with encouragement. Even before children starts with formal schooling, their home is the first place where they can learn different things, including reading. Parental involvement is vital for children to learn how important it is to read. In addition, this will make parents role models to their children. If they can see parents reading, they are most probably going to mimic such act. Parents should find time to sit down with their kids and read together.

Increase Availability of Reading Materials


Children will not be encouraged to learn how to read if there are no reading materials at home. Therefore, one of the first steps is to invest in books, specifically the ones that are made for the young ones. If children are surrounded with books, it is more likely that they will consider reading a good activity. Make sure to have books with

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Strengthen your Reading Habit

It is a well understood fact that the habit is very enlightening and fun at the same time. It is one of those habits that can give a really good push to develop and excel in terms of knowledge. But, this fact cannot be negated that a lot of people do not get engaged in this activity.

As a habit, reading has a lot of advantages at multiple levels of personal, intellectual and emotional grooming. Thus, if you want to take a step further to excel, you might want to strengthen your reading habit.

Keeping in mind the need of strengthening the reading habit, we have compiled a list of ways that you can follow in order to get better with reading.

  1. Always have something to Read

Do not go anywhere without some reading material. There should be something to read all around you. Whether it’s the bed or the washroom or some other place just ensure that you can always find something to read. This availability of reading material will aid a lot in strengthening the reading habit.

  1. Work on Reading Goals


You should know that how many books you want to read in a particular time period. You might be thinking on different grounds by realizing how much time you have for the reading purpose. Just have a clear mindset about this and achieve the set goal.

  1. Keep track of the Progress

You would want to keep a proper record of your reading progress. Note down the time spent for reading and also how much you have read. Try to log everything as you be able to refer to it later. This will ensure that are able to see how much

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